I’m Getting a Haircut Tomorrow

So I’m getting a haircut tomorrow. I’m a guy and I’ve let my hair grow past my shoulders. But now it’s become unreasonable. I hate when I try and roll in bed at night and my hair is caught under my shoulder and it pulls and I’m like, “ouch!”

So here’s the rub. I don’t know how to get my hair cut. Right now I’ve got 3 options that I’m considering. I just want to put this up here to see what other people think. My hair is shoulder length, brown, wavy, and thick. Here’s the choices:

Number 1:


I LOVE this hairstyle. I’ve wanted my hair like this for a while. The picture is from a youtube video with a girl showcasing her cat ears. I sent her a message asking questions about her haircut, but she never responded. The main reason I like this cut is because of the hair on the sides that hang down. I figure if I need them out of the way I can just push them behind my ears.

Number 2:


I found this hairstyle the other day. I know it’s a wig, but if they can do it on a wig, they can do it on my head. Again, I like how the hair on the sides is longer, like in choice number 1. The bonus of this style is the cool messy looking back and the freaking awesome bangs.

Number 3:


My final option. This would be a haircut befitting a guy, but it’s a run 9f the mill style and I don’t know how I feel about that. Sure, it looks cool, but it also looks boring. Plus the bangs are a little too long. I hate bangs in my eyes.

So yeah, I’m open to all and ANY advice/comments, whatever it is. I’m even open to different choices if you have any ideas. Leave a comment and tell me which style you like most. Thanks!